We leverage our

unique entrepreneurship experience

to empower extraordinary
technology founders

One of the oldest VCs in Poland
investing in early stage companies


YEARS track record



45 m

CAPITAL raised to date



Focusing on seed and series A investments between

$ 100k-1M in: AI & Big Data, SaaS, AR & VR,
Industry 4.0, FinTech, blockchain,
cybersecurity, marketplace and impact.

Our Team

Staszek Rogoziński

From Big 4 through own startup into VC. Mastermind behind SATUS STARTER. Strong expertise in R&D projects and venture capital market. Staszek will help our startups with commercialization and obtaining next stage funding (both state and private)

Łukasz Wąsikiewicz

Ex-partner at the Big 4 consulting firm, angel investor. Combining corporate experience with startups’ investments and development. Lukasz knows hundreds of managers and company owners behind top market players in almost every industry in Poland. He will help our startups grow into big corporations.

Bartek Knichnicki

Entrepreneur with strong financial background, angel investor. Founder and ex-CEO of Mennica Skarbowa, e-commerce with over € 25m annual revenue. Bartek will verify the business model and help in creating the strategy to monetize the hell out of it.

Kasia Kowalczyk

CFA® charterholder. Since 2012 working in finance and investments. Winner of the Global Final at CFA Institute Research Challenge. Kasia’s strong analytical mind will help put numbers on our business ideas.



Online psychological support for employees offered as SaaS. Mental health benefits, E2E secured, anonymous with IT-focused psychologists. Trusted by: Santander, Credit Agricole, Randstad, Docplanner and many more.


Doxychain is a SaaS platform for documents digitisation and management (DMS). Utilizing its own blockchain it releases the full potential of documents in the upcoming Web 3.0 world.


Talkie.ai offers AI solutions for customer service automation. The company has centred its solution around the healthcare space however is also serving customers from other industries fe. B/S/H, ING Bank, TUI, Columbus Energy, Jean Louis David.


Surveily leverages computer vision and AI technologies to improve safety standards in the manufacturing plants. After integration with existing CCTV infrastructure it detects threats in real-time and allows for early prevention. Company’s customers include PKN Orlen, Budimex, Miele.


Foodsi is a mobile app reducing the food waste by helping the retailers like restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets to sell surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. Retailers receive additional profit and loyal customer base whereas consumers get delicious food at great prices.


Alphamoon offers AI-based and human-curated intelligent automation solution for document processing, knowledge organization and decision support. It enables its customers to improve performance by reduction of human-dependent errors and acceleration of routine tasks.


Productz.com is an encyclopedia of products providing the most valuable pieces of information in order to make the purchasing process easier. Productz utilizes Machine Learning to retrieve and standardize all available information (specifications and photos, reviews on blogs and YouTube, pros and cons, prices) about all kind of present and past products.


Kogena develops the first vendor-independent AI-powered platform for monitoring industrial cobots (collaborative robots). The company has developed an AI-based platform that collects and analyses data in the cloud. It enables cobots surveillance and analytics, helps improve their safety and optimizes costs with features like predictive maintenance.


Sagenso offers SaaS cybersecurity to SMEs. Their solution automates IT audits in the field of cybersecurity, turning it into continuous monitoring, predicts and detects cyber threats, analyzes events in IT systems and verifies IT services.

Sternkraft Telematics

Sternkraft Telematics is an IoT edge computing based, computer vision-focused company. Their main product – SafeWay FX2 utilizing computer vision and machine learning is dedicated for transportation and logistics industry. Its aim is to effectively and actively help to avoid assaults, robberies and vandalism. Moreover it increases the health and safety of the fleet and drivers in road transportation.


Cthings.co creates smart IoT systems by developing bridging 5G gateways and IoT sensors networks that are applicable in all the segments of Industrial revolution. The goal is to help clients better manage their processes with real-time analytics. Company’s approach is to utilize best of breed components and technologies from the areas of material desing and IoT and combine with AI algorithms for even greater analytics and processes improvement. Selected customers of cthings.co are Nordic Infrastructure Design, Valmont, Spin Robotics.


Onteon is a producer of an advanced microservice platform – modern environment for applications in microservice architecture of any functional complexity and scale of operation. The solution significantly increases the speed of software development (from 10% to 40% less time for building a microservice architecture compared to competing solutions). First customers were T-Mobile Banking Services and Alior Bank. Today Onteon also offers its platform through partnerships with Azul Systems, InfiniteData, Comarch, Incat and many others.


Indoorway – an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company that allows Industry 4.0 companies to improve productivity and safety thanks to insights and automation based on accurate and real-time location data of moving assets. Indoorway solution is a real-time location tracking system that provides performance data on manufacturing and intralogistics processes to drive optimization. Our customers include Whirlpool, Famur, Michelin, Hikvision, GKN Automotive.


EsportsLAB provides the most advanced and comprehensive esports performance analytic platform to date. We achieve this through the integration of many data sources: in-game behaviors, wearable devices, interface usage patterns, cognitive test performance, momentary ecological assessments, mental and physical health measurements. Our main objective is to develop the players’ self-awareness, the coaches’ work methodology and the know-how of the esports organisations.


PETHELP is a provider of veterinary care packages for pet owners as employee benefit (B2B) and for the B2C customers. Currently co-operating with over 270 veterinary clinics in Poland. Planning on launching veterinary telehealth platform providing live calls, messaging, and payment capabilities for pet owners to engage with their veterinarians digitally. The mission of Pethelp is to promote the health of our four-legged friends and improve their quality of life.