Many VCs talk about smart money but only few deliver.

How we differ from other VC’s?

We’ve been to the other side. Most of us have run or developed startups and we know what a thin line is between failure and success. Hence the proper people and investors onboard are crucial. You can read about our team member’s strong points and how each one of us can help you on WE subpage.

We are entrepreneurs

1We are entrepreneurs

Our partners are all experienced practitioners, who can leverage years of operational experience. We know how to plan growth from a small startup into a corporation. More important we also know how to execute it. Most of us have finance and investment background but first of all we are entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs.

We work hands-on

2We work hands-on

With the high ratio of partners to portfolio companies we are able to commit our time and closely work with you sharing our experience, network and operational support. We often work on-site with our startups and are not afraid to get our hands dirty.

We provide network

3We provide network

We personally know hundreds of managers and owners behind top market players in almost every industry in Poland. SATUS ecosystem includes over 200 investors that actively help our portfolio companies grow. We have also strong connections with other VC’s for series B founding.

We connect to foreign markets

4We connect to foreign markets

Two of our partners grew their businesses globally and personally know CEOs of the largest global tech companies. We will provide you with knowledge and contacts so you would grow your sales and valuation.

We are close

5We are close

We are present in 3 major startup locations in Poland. We can talk face to face or work hand in hand whenever you need it.